silhouette of woman doing heart sign during sunset
silhouette of woman doing heart sign during sunset

Our Services

The goal of Light Heart Counseling is to find creative and effective treatment to leave your family feeling happier and lighter. An open environment for healing gives your family the chance to unburden, and in-person sessions build feelings of connectedness, and feel more confident about the future.

We meet in person to use a combination of warmth and creativity that feels natural and noninvasive. This leads to:

  • Healing from Trauma

  • Clear Communication

  • Strong Relationships

  • New Coping Skills

  • Problem-solving Skills

  • Self-awareness

  • Confident Parents

Play Therapy

Play therapy includes a number of diverse approaches built upon robust research foundation. There is a great deal of evidence that says plainly: Play works!

Child-centered play therapy is one such approach that focuses on allowing children to express themselves through play. The child is given a safe and supportive environment where they can explore their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in the most natural way. Through emphasis on child autonomy and self-expression, children are able to experience a level of control and mastery rarely felt in their day-to-day lives.

This unique experience provides opportunities for children to express deep concerns and fears, heal from trauma, build resilience, and learn new ways of coping and interacting with the world.

We use play and creative therapy to address a variety of challenges, including life changes, adjustment to divorce, school challenges, anxiety, grief, loss, and trauma.

Read more about how play therapy makes a difference at the Association for Play Therapy.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a way to heal together. Respectful communication and satisfying and joyful relationships are in your future by getting out of cycles of tantrums and losing our patience.

Through parent consultations or family therapy, the clinician can coach parents on new ways of loving your children through both warm interactions and clear limits. Parenting is the hardest job, and through developing a confident plan, parents can choose to be the biggest factor in their family's healing.

Parent Coaching

Parenting is the hardest job. Sometimes what is most helpful is the assurance that you are doing everything you can to help your child through their tough times. You want your child to have the skills and knowledge to be successful in school, relationships, and life. Even with those intentions, it can feel like a losing battle. Parent sessions are available to assist you in being the catalyst towards your loved ones achieving their fullest potential.

child playing with two assorted-color car plastic toys on brown wooden table
child playing with two assorted-color car plastic toys on brown wooden table
person wearing black watch holding babys hand
person wearing black watch holding babys hand
Sand Play

Sand play therapy is a unique and powerful method of therapy that allows children and adults alike to express their feelings and experiences beyond the limits of their verbal ability. Beach sand creates a soothing sensory experience while clients create symbolic expressions for thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs.

Sand play therapy moves at the client's pace. It can be a short-term and dynamic process, integrating into many play therapy approaches. For children, visual figures in sand can free them from the burdens of concepts too abstract to describe in conventional talk therapy.

Sand play therapy is an opportunity to release emotional tension and find healing. As you allow your world to unfold into the sand tray, profound transformations and personal growth can take root.

Individual Therapy

There are times where it helps to know that you're not alone. You deserve to know and feel that you are enough and that success is how you define it. Our compassionate and client-centered approach helps you excel though school and career transitions, build identity as both a person and a parent, and create balance between school, career, and family.

stacked stones on the sea shore during daytime
stacked stones on the sea shore during daytime
person about to touch the calm water
person about to touch the calm water